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Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is pleased to add robotic surgery to the practice’s advanced orthopedic capabilities. Dr. Brian Flowers and Dr. Paul Chin are now using the MAKOplasty Robotic Arm in partial knee resurfacing and hip replacement surgeries.

Joint replacement or partial joint replacement is something considered very carefully by the SROSM orthopedic specialists before it’s recommended. Whenever possible, joint replacement is avoided. However, there are patients who have significant joint damage and pain that greatly impacts their day-to-day lives. In these cases a joint replacement may be the best solution to improve their quality of life. The MAKOplasty Robotic Arm makes partial knee and full hip joint replacement an easier and more exact process that results in a quicker recovery for most patients.

Mako Robot

How MAKOplasty Robotic Surgery Works

Prior to surgery, a CT scan is performed and used to create a 3-D model of the patient’s knee or hip.  Our orthopedic surgeons use the information from that model to plan your surgery based on your unique anatomy.

During surgery, your surgeon receives real-time information to optimize implant positioning and alignment, and the surgeon-controlled robotic arm is used to prepare and guide accurate placement of the implants.

Partial Knee Replacement

First, by resurfacing a knee joint, complete joint replacement can be avoided by many patients.  When damage in the knee that is limited to one or two surfaces, these areas can be resurfaced which spares the healthy bone and surrounding tissue.  The surgeon then places an implant in the joint to allow the knee to move normally again.  This process results in smaller incisions, less scarring, reduced blood loss, and the ability to return to an active lifestyle quicker than a complete knee replacement.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacement using MAKOplasty allows for increased precision and accuracy of surgical techniques. This decreases the risk for post-operative complications, and also increases the joint’s stability and mobility. By doing this, the replacement joint is likely to last longer. 

How to Know When Joint Replacement is the Right Choice

If you have knee or hip pain caused by osteoarthritis or other past injuries to the joints, we recommend you schedule a consultation with our orthopedic specialists. They will consider your lifestyle, the amount of pain you’re in and your physical condition to determine treatment options – surgical and non-surgical – and to find a plan that is right for you.

SROSM offers two locations to serve the north side of Houston including Tomball, Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands, Magnolia and the surrounding areas. Learn morea about our physicians or schedule an appointment.



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